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Continous Ink Jet Printers

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Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ/IJP)

CIJ/IJP printer is the short form for continuous inkjet printer. This kind of printing is primarily used for coding and marking of products. In the technology of CIJ/IJP printers a pump directs fluid from a reservoir tank to one or more small nozzles which eject a continuous stream of drops at high frequency. The drops pass through a set of electrodes which impart a charge onto each drop. The charged drops then pass a deflection plate which uses a field to deflect the drops which should be printed. Undeflected drops will be collected and returned for re-use. The high drop ejection frequency of CIJ printers gives a capability for very high speed printing and is suitable for applications such as date coding on beverage cans, cable or packaging.
Substrates: Plastic, glass, metal, cardboard or directly onto food.

Hitachi IJP Model Comparison Table

Model Nozzle
Max. print
of Print
IP Rating
3 (Option
5 lines)
Upto 1,148
2-10 Upto 120
(Option Upto
UX-B160WG 65 3 Upto 1,148 2-10 Upto 240 55
65 6 Upto 1,148
2-10 Upto 240
(Option Upto
UX-D110W 100 4 Upto 468 3-15 Upto 1,000
UX-D150W 55 4 Upto 3,173 2-8 Upto 1,000
UX-D860W 65 (two
Upto 4,592
2-21 Upto 1,000

MARKETS: Food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical equipment, electronics, cables, tubes, profiles and many more With Hitachi we are the next-generation of leadership and performance where we have drastically improved the maintainably and environmenta performance of our Hitachi Inkjet machine. We also have an touchscreen interface which is human friendly and easy to use. With the release of our new Hitachi IJP, the UX-series we are always looking to break new boundaries and offer our customers their ideal marking and coding experience.
The breakout features of our UX-series are:
1) Use of cartridge type ink and makeup 2) Makeup fluid consumption reduction system 3) Standard 6 line printing 4) User interface which provides a variety of features 5) Improved compatibility with host system and network of printers 6) More variety of models to chose from
We have a large range of Hitachi Inkjet Printers models to chose from:
A) RX2-SD160W - standard RX model 65 micron upto 5 line printing (upgradable) B) UX-D160W - standard UX model 65 micron upto 6 line printing (upgradable) C) UX-B160WG - basic UX model 65 micron upto 4 line printing (basic model with limited features) D) UX-P160W - pigment UX model 65 micron upto 6 line printing (upgradable, white pigmented machine) E) UX-D110W - Large character UX model 100 micron upto 4 line printing (large character printer) F) UX-D860W - Dual Nozzle UX model 65 micron upto 8 line printing (dual nozzle printer which can print larger logos and 8 line printing) G) UX-D150W - High Speed UX model 50 micron upto 4 line printing (high speed printer for lines with higher speeds) * Handheld Inkjet Printers are available on request

Material1 Material2

Hitachi Print Video sample 1:

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Hitachi Print Video sample 3:

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